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470 B. Leazer Road
Salisbury, NC 28147
Tel: 704-638-0677
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Log Cabin Home Floorplans and Design Service

Log Home Kits & Packages

Single Story Structures
PhotosPlan NamePlan #Living Space
The Copper CreekLT060071500 Sqft.
The HomesteadLT040181456 Sqft.
The LaurelLT06101176 Sqft.
The CottageLT0110041088 Sqft.
The GreenbriarLT040151020 Sqft.
The SeahorseLT09017960 Sqft.

2 Story Structures
PhotosPlan NamePlan #Living Space
The LakeviewLTB06013925 Sqft.
The Woodridge ILT0110073304 Sqft.
The Wildcat TrailLT070032928 Sqft.
The Sky HawkLT0110052765 Sqft.
The BriarwoodLT070012648 Sqft.
The GrandviewLT040142648 Sqft.
The ShenendoahLT070012636 Sqft.
The South MountainLT070022381 Sqft.
The WoodlawnLT040202312 Sqft.
The JeffersonLT070042269 Sqft.
The Meadow LarkLT0110082142 Sqft.
The ShadybrookLT040192128 Sqft.
The NorfolkLTUK070022086 Sqft.
The Mountain MistLT090162066 Sqft.
The Opportunity LT040111925 Sqft.
The Bear HollowLT080021925 Sqft.
The Fox DenLT070201753 Sqft.
The GeorgianLT05101596 Sqft.
The Stoney CreekLT040161468 Sqft.
The AppalachianLT060211344 Sqft.
The WeekenderLTB06021324 Sqft.
The Mountain CabinLT040301253 Sqft.
The RiverviewLTB06051150 Sqft.
The BuckeyeLTB05002690 Sqft.
The Eagles NestLT05003720 Sqft.

Commercial Structures
PhotosPlan NamePlan #Living Space
The ChurchLT090182720 Sqft.
The OfficeLT04012960 Sqft.

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