The Bear Hollow - #LT08002

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The Bear Hollow is a spacious 2 story home built over a optional basement. The home is available with heavy timber roof & second floor systems and is pictured here built using 7x10 Laminated Logs cut into a square chink groove with with dovetail corners. The Bear Hollow is a 1925 square foot home (living area only) that features a full heavy beam roof & 2nd floor system.

Featuring wrap around porches with exposed heavy beam rafters the tongue & groove ceiling continues out to the eaves un-interrupted.
An optional stone fireplace sits in the center of the gable end between fixed glass windows, the windows provide a view from the loft and bathe the living room and kitchen with natural light.

Dovetail corners are common on square style chink groove logs, the chink groove is decorative and can be chinked like traditional log homes or left unchinked as shown.
A Spacious living room provides relaxation area on the view side of the home, near the fireplace and side covered porch.

The kitchen is tucked beneath the loft while a hallway leads back to the master bedroom, bath and utility room.
A precision-pre cut engineered stairway system was used in this home with laminated, heavy beam step treads and posts leads up to the second floor.

The loft provides a sitting area under the heavy beam roof system. Two bedrooms sit inside dormers upstairs and share a common bathroom.
The upstairs bedrooms are made larger via dormers built into the heavy beam roof system, these dormers increase the usable room upstairs by altering the pitch of the main roof.

A large master bedroom & bath are located on the ground floor, the heavy beam second floor system is visible throughout the lower floor.
Click HERE to view the floorplan layout of this home.